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MorrowDays's News

Posted by MorrowDays - April 18th, 2011

As much as I've completely detached from newgrounds (sadly) mainly because of my current workload, I've still been animating every so often. I recently finished this piece, so check it out!

I wasn't planning to submit it here because it's part after effects... but what do you guys think? I'm kind of on the fence.

Posted by MorrowDays - February 4th, 2011

Hope you guys are all doing well and enjoying this WONDERFUL website. I'm hardly active at all anymore, but I've been checking back every once and a while just to see what's happening. Seems like all is well.

I'm still animating when I can, but I've been drawing a lot more. All the time and energy school requires makes it rather difficult to sit down for blocks of time and plan out actions and characters and all of that. I do miss being in grade eight/nine and just deciding to animate things and actually having the time to do so.

That said, one two minute project is just about done, and I will post it once it is. All that's left is the music.

If any of you do want to keep up to date on what I'm doing creatively on a more day to day, less maybe-every-six-months-here-on-newgrou nds basis, check out my art blog. It's mostly things that come out of my sketchbook, but there are digital pieces as well.


How do you guys manage personal work vs school or occupation?

Anyways, that's all from me. Thanks for reading.


Posted by MorrowDays - August 10th, 2010

Go join the typography collab! We're looking for talented artists to draw just a single word in the song walking on a dream. Check it out. :)

In other news, I've been doing lots of drawings. Some of them are on threadless. Go look at them.

Fall Approaches

also newgrounds shame on you for not allowing my fancy threadless html things!


Posted by MorrowDays - July 27th, 2010

Hey everyone,

I just started a collab. It needs LOTS OF ARTISTS so go check it out. It's a typography music video to Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun. The fact that there are 125 words needing to be drawn means that this should be able to give a good cross section of the community! (hopefully.)

Details in thread.

Also, I've submitted two new threadless designs that are up now. Hope you like them.

Out of Register


Posted by MorrowDays - July 3rd, 2010

Hey everyone,

I've got two pieces up for voting on threadless right now and it would be awesome if you'd go check them out, leave a comment, or vote!


I'm working on something for robot day also :O


Posted by MorrowDays - June 8th, 2010

...I have been busy with school. Projects and whatnot.

That said, my tech class is awesome. My end of year summative was to make something in AfterEffects. I hadn't used it before, ever, so I was pretty excited about it. It's a pretty tempting step away from Flash, but because newgrounds is so rad, I'll probably go back and forth between the two of them. I dont think I'll post anything from after effects IN the portal because some might say that that's not really fair, because AE stuff just looks more awesome generally, but I've got this latest piece up on Vimeo so here it is:

/* */
I'm pretty happy with it. Definitely a big jump from my old stuff.
Now that school is almost done I'm dying to start animating again. Hopefully I'll have something done by end of June?

Rutger and I are also working on something that should be pretty sweet. Always fun to get some collabos happening!

Props to anyone who can read my typog doodle below. :)

thats all for now.


Posted by MorrowDays - March 28th, 2010

Hey everyone,
hope you've been enjoying spring/spring break/anticipating the easter break... :)

I just submitted something called Base Times Height. Go check it out if you have a second!

I've been really busy lately; I made that on the first weekend of march break a few weeks ago, and I've been caught up with school and other things so I haven't submitted it until now.
The weather here in Toronto has been great.. and I've been skateboarding a lot too.

A few weeks ago Surface Texture was screened at a festival called Videotivoli in Finland. I wasn't able to attend, but if anyone happened to have seen it, which would be pretty cool actually, let me know how the festival was. If you click through that link, surface texture is near the bottom of the page and they even gave it a cool Finnish name... PINTARAKENNE!

Im doing a mural project in my neighborhood with a local school as well. We'll be painting once it warms up some more, and Im looking forward to it.

Recently I read a book called Street Art: the Graffiti Revolution. If you see it in a shop, I highly recommend getting it. I was expecting to learn about some cool artists I hadn't heard of and look at some nice pictures, but Cedar Lewisohn went way further than that and gives a really interesting background on the growing up of graffiti and the transition to street art. Its a really great book.

On a related note, go check out wooster collective. Its essentially a wordpress blog, but the stuff they pick is really cool and probably stuff you wouldn't find otherwise.

Happy easter

New Piece

Posted by MorrowDays - February 16th, 2010

I've got an animation that's allllmoosst done. Im quite happy to be animating again after my like, almost year long NG dry spell.
Its so close I might even submit it tonight. Hard to say. Depends how much/none overlay action I want to get happening with it.

Its about trains. Its two minutes of the camera following a character's journey on a train.
I'll write more about it when I actually put it up.

The more PRESSING ISSUE currently, well.. for the rest of the day/week has to do with threadless.
I'm trying to make some headway into that scene over with those screen printing design folk, so I've been submitting things for tee shirts irregularly. I got two done on the weekend, one of which is currently up.

http://www.threadless.com/submission/2 55531/Astronaut/showmore,designs

I'd really appreciate your vote. Similarly to the NG system, things that have 1.5 or less get disqualified after around a day. The difference is that on newgrounds totally bad stuff can still get 3s, while on threadless, getting a 3 is like. well. the best, really. As far as I know, no one has ever broken 4 on threadless.

I am a proud Canadian. the fact that we've got the olympics this year brings a tear to my eye.

should I put up the animation tonight? nothing like anonymous pressure to get people movin

here is a video for the homies. Daniel Espinoza is pretty rad, and you can tell pretty quickly whether you skate or not.

/* */
thats all from me this week guys.
is this blog cooler if I mention camp north? yes?

nath get that shit up.

Posted by MorrowDays - January 25th, 2010


when i felt like I was actually involved with the newgrounds community, I figured I had a pretty good sense of ng. now, having not actually, solidly been here for a bit (since june, pretty much) I've lost track of like, the whole scene.

last time I 'blogged', newshape said zekey died and I checked that out a bit. thats a shame.

I do want to get back into all of this, but honestly everyone winning awards and being on the front page is someone I havent heard of (not because they're no big deal, just because Im so out of it)

so let me know whats happening! any big news?

in real life, I've been sewing a lot, actually. im kind of thin so its been fun buying pants at value village for like, $5, and altering them down to fit right. I've figured out sweaters now too :)
I'm also doing a bunch of murals with a school this spring so maybe I'll document that. should be fun.

hoping to have some big tingz coming this way soontimes. I've got a new black white pink piece on the way, a video overlay thing, and I did a rough storyboard for a short thing about trains.

now I think I'll go score five submissions and get my points for the day. havent done this in ages.

Posted by MorrowDays - August 20th, 2009

hey everyone! I've been pretty awol for a while.

near the end of the school year I was feeling pretty good about getting some projects happening over the summer, especially with this fun camp job I was doing which I should probably explain..

I was teaching flash to kids 9 to 15 for all of july and the first week of august. just the basics of short films and flash techniques; storyboarding, keyframes, movieclips, the timeline, etc etc etc.

anyways, because of doing that for five weeks, I kind of lost interest (during that period) in animating personally because my brain was so focused on the really bland, teaching parts of it, and not the fun expressive parts. so technically I've been animating most of the summer but its all been like, little tiny stuff.

now Im back, and I'm excited about it again. Im working on a little animation thats in another window on my screen RIGHT NOW. :)

I'd like to do some collab stuff soon if anyones around for that. just putting the word out. collabs are nice for me because I like animating short stuff.

everyone gave different answers. a bunch of people said that it's changed a lot, which makes a lot of sense to me after this whole teaching spell.

here's a really cool clip a friend of mine showed me last night, I dont know if zekey has already plugged it but here it is anyways.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgTbss1 Le1k&feature=quicklist&playnext=4&play next_from=QL


okay. thats it. bye:)