2010 Submissions

Bad TV Bad TV Rated Stars I hate it when people steal and destroy my televisions! Action Hello Apple Hello Apple Rated Stars I wish I had an apple too, but sometimes, we just can't have these things. Experimental Re: >L:....LAAccA}=.. Re: >L:....LAAccA}=.. Rated Stars A neat halloween experience of 2 great minds Experimental One Big Morphing Orgasm One Big Morphing Orgasm Rated Stars Wait a minute, that's not how you spell organism! :O Experimental SMALL SMALL Rated Stars A little story, told with circles. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. TT: 007 The Secret Circle TT: 007 The Secret Circle Rated Stars So tell me, do you live in dreams? The Clocktory The Clocktory Rated Stars A sweet, dreamlike look into the making of our beautiful king, Strawberry Clock :) Other Cardboard City Cardboard City Rated Stars 11 Animators join to build a city out of only cardboard, welcome to Cardboard City! Other The 5 Hour Collab III The 5 Hour Collab III Rated Stars The third 5 hour time trial collab! The 5 Hour Collab II The 5 Hour Collab II Rated Stars A truly epic 5 hour collab extravaganza! Surface Texture Surface Texture Rated Stars Sadly, climbing into your desk will not turn you into a pink silhouette against black. Experimental PicoDay Skate Collab! PicoDay Skate Collab! Rated Stars Pico and Friends decide to put aside their differences and GO SKATEBOARDING! The 5 Hour Collab The 5 Hour Collab Rated Stars Hilarious, WATCH IT NOW! The Hanging Collab The Hanging Collab Rated Stars Leaving you hanging is the goal of this collab. Comedy - Original Snowy Winter Vacation! Snowy Winter Vacation! Rated Stars Members of The SFC go snowboarding and put on a pretty sweet collab about it! Rarity Rarity Rated Stars February 29th Only happens once every 4th year, so we thought we'd make something fun. Handy Handy Rated Stars Sometimes scary things are really just trying to lend a hand. The Face Collab The Face Collab Rated Stars A bunch of random clips which are sure to wipe that look off your face. Other The Smoking Kills Collab The Smoking Kills Collab Rated Stars Here is the collab that shows you the reasons to not suck those dirty cigarettes, whacky! The One Layer Collab The One Layer Collab Rated Stars A 5 min. collaboration made in only ONE, SINGLE LAYER! Music Video -HANDS- -HANDS- Rated Stars Two arms climb a ladder and lose control of themselves and their surroundings.

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